Vacationer (DJ Set)


Vacationer (DJ Set)

Meet Vacationer

Just like an amazing untouched getaway spot, Vacationer is a little bit of a secret‚ Äîone that's about to be discovered. Describing their sound is like a  journey in itself: starting in the band's melodic hometown of Philly, stopping off for  a few days in Canada for a dose of epic pop, swinging by Malibu to soak up those gauzy '60s harmonies then jetting to Tahiti to settle in with some islandtinged rhythms. In this overloaded musical climate, Vacationer requests that you, the listener, think of the album as an audio postcard. What you'll hear is a fresh new sound filled with rich sonic arrangements, mesmerizing beats and smart, daydream-inducing songs. You'll definitely sing along. It'll take you away from 

your day for awhile. And that's precisely the point. 

Greetings from Vacationer: Q&A

Name: Vacationer

Hometown: Philadelphia, HI

Current city: Currently in the foothills of the White Mountains. Headed 


Favorite getaway spot: A white sand beach in a relaxed mind. 

Dream getaway spot: Any place that has a turquoise body of water. 

I never leave home without: Some form of auditory stimuli. 

Airplane drink of choice: Coconut water or pineapple juice.

Top 5 albums: Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, Radio Dept.'s Clinging to a Scheme, 

Van Morrison's Moon Dance, Radiohead's Hail to the Theif, J Dilla's Donuts.

Top 5 books: World Atlas, The Time Machine, Cloudspotter's Guide, Sealife, On 

The Road

SPF #: Umbrella or a shade tree.

Recurring daydream: I don't often remember my dreams, but I did have one 

recently that I won't soon forget. I was lying in bed and all of the sudden my 

house had commenced a launch from the ground into the stratosphere, shaking 

intensely all the while. I got up from my bed and walked out my bedroom door 

into what looked like a large airplane cockpit. There was one lone man at the 

controls, he had a huge, crazed grin on his face as he was piloting my house into 

space. I loved it.


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Thursday Jun 13, 4:00 PM on Silent Disco
Friday Jun 14, 4:00 PM on Silent Disco

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