Alice & the Glass Lake


Alice & the Glass Lake

"Sounds Like: Aurora Borealis, if it was sound instead of light... The experience of being outdoors is palpable in Lake's soaring voice, which is one of those that reveals something deeper in it's intensity, in its looped reflections."
-Caitlin White, Pigeons and Planes

Alice & the Glass Lake is the sonic dream world of Wisconsin native Alice Lake. The Glass Lake harnesses escapism through dancing melodies, honest lyrics and ambient sonic landscapes. Current status of the lake: Thawing
The Glass Lake.
Many summers ago I took my first trip to the Glass Lake. Having arrived at its wooded bank my eyes caught the tree line and found their first full-on view of the water – the sun and setting colors reflecting from its silvery surface as a perfect mirrored half. I knew I'd found something important.
Since that summer and as my artistic vision has grown I've always returned to the Glass Lake. I've revisited in the hopes of not only finding a better understanding of myself, but also of achieving the unification of my real and imagined worlds–in a place so beautiful it appears surreal.
The Glass Lake is based on real events. It's the lens through which I live my dreams. It's an escapist place of possibility and heartbreak. And it's a sonic space to become lost and find truth.
Follow Alice and #theglasslake as its world unfolds this spring. The lake has arrived and The Evolution has begun.

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Sunday Jun 16, 4:00 PM on New Music On Tap Lounge brewed by Miller Lite

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