The Chris Gethard Show


The Chris Gethard Show

The Chris Gethard Show is an underground cult hit that airs weekly on the Manhattan Neighorhood Network, New York's public access television station. Before taking to the public access airwaves, it was a notorious staple at the Upright Citizens' Brigade Theater. It's a bizarre, odd, ride that proudly proclaims itself a safe haven for losers, weirdos, and goons. 

The show has garnered a reputation for staging out of the box stunts. In January of 2011, the cast used Twitter to convince Sean "Diddy" Combs to appear at the tiny black box UCB Theater. They've also used their public access show to introduce a shy Connecticut teenager to her comedy heroes, they've taken 60 people on a bus to the suburban basement where Chris Gethard lost his virginity, and they often stage events that revolve around high levels of human interaction, internet connectivity, and also straight up violence.

The Bonnaroo debut of The Chris Gethard Show is perhaps the weirdest quest the show has undertaken yet. At the heart of the project is #BonnarooGethard - an interactive roadtrip that will start with Chris being flown to Los Angeles with no money, no phone, and no credit cards. He'll head east on May 29th and has to make it to his show in Manchester on June 7th, 2012. How can this happen? Only through the miracle of human kindness. Email to let Chris know where you live and how you're willing to help. Follow his adventure on Twitter through the hashtag #BonnarooGethard. And watch daily videos of how his experience is going by visiting and subscribing at

Bonnaroo attendees who attend The Chris Gethard Show should be forewarned - the very host of the show might not make it in time! If he doesn't, we'll all come together to mourn his failure. But if he does, we'll welcome him as a conquering hero who proved that nice people doing nice things can actually work sometimes. On top of that, the show will feature, music, stunts, crowd participation, prizes, and perhaps even straight up violence.


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Friday Jun 8, 2:00 AM on The Bonnaroo Comedy Theatre

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