Shahidah Omar


Shahidah Omar

Shahidah Omar returns to Bonnaroo for the second straight year as she kicks off 2012 with other major performances in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Her Bonnaroo debut last year, as part of her “Freedom” pre-release tour, was very well received, including a huge encore, and earned her a whole new legion of fans eager for the release this spring of her “Freedom” album.


The Chicago native is a soulful singer-songwriter with a rock edge infused with classically trained operatic vocals.  Shahidah Omar writes, arranges, engineers and produces her vocals in her own “Hot Pink Studios. She is the definition of a proactive female artist.  Ms. Omar has recorded many genres of music, with a wide catalog of which has been published on film and television.


Filling out her complete Artist/Performer package, Shahidah Omar has an extensive background in modeling, dance and acting, along with several credits in theatrical stage and film.  Though make no mistake, singing is Shahidah Omar’s passion!


Using her voice like a symphony of instruments, Shahidah Omar is equipped for any venue, from major festivals such as Bonnaroo to the most intimate club setting.


Shahidah Omar, onstage, with a microphone in her hand, is home!


With her debut album “Freedom,” it’s obvious Shahidah Omar is driven by message.  Songs like “What About The Living”, “Stop The War” and her concert anthem “People Of The World” drives Shahidah Omar’s audience to move and feel at the same time.

This Anti-Diva sings truisms as though she bleeds them from her soul.


After debuting her album “Freedom” on NBC’s “The Bonnie Hunt Show” Shahidah Omar followed with performances all over the world. Shahidah Omar’s music and message has spread.  With her piercing stance and determined delivery, slightly jazzy authentic raw sound, it’s no wonder.


Shahidah Omar has passion that can be felt from the back of the room.


Deciding against the grain of blending in for an easy fix and coming out with her true self later, she lives by being Her Truth Now! Shahidah Omar questions, “What if there is no later?!”


 Humanitarian, vegetarian, liberator and leader!



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Friday Jun 8, 12:00 PM on The Great Taste Lounge Brewed by Miller Lite

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