Recorded in early 2011 amidst the wine barrels at Maynard James Keenan’s Caduceus Cellars, Conditions of My Parole is the culmination of a three-year period that introduced Puscifer to music fans and challenged the concept of what a band can be. When Keenan formally began work on Puscifer in 2007 it was a loosely formed idea that the Tool front man had conceptualized since his days in Los Angeles comedy clubs and continued ruminating on while contributing to Mr. Show. The goal? Find the intersection of music, comedy and technology. It took nearly two decades before the multimedia extravaganza that would be Puscifer was able to see fruition, with the required technology for integrated video pieces and quick set changes to be affordable and portable enough to work as a touring entity. The debut album, V is for Vagina, arrived in late 2007 with Puscifer further refining who and what it was exactly over the course of multi-night live shows throughout 2009. Over and over again the question was asked, “What is Puscifer?” and even within the core group of musicians it was hard to put the idea in to words. So let’s answer that question. Puscifer is a real band and a touring troupe that use the quirky Verde Valley area of Arizona as inspiration. A hostile territory with deadly wildlife, ghost towns and a mix of characters sublimely at odds with each other and their landscape, the region is not so dissimilar to the music Puscifer creates: danceable, diverse and at times dangerous.

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Saturday Jun 9, 5:00 PM on That Tent

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