From Bogota's urban jungle, La-33 shows off their old-school salsa dura with urban, world and jazz influences. This 12-piece salsa band was founded by the two talented brothers Sergio and Santiago Mejia in 2001. Their three records (La-33, Gozalo & Ten Cuidado), topped the national charts and are doing pretty well internationally. Especially one this hyped: La-33 have been salsa lovers' darlings ever since their wildly popular mambo version of the Pink Panther theme was released in 2004 as an independent production.

In 2011, La-33 celebrated 10 years of active work into the new Colombian salsa scene! They started their anniversary quite well, performing with a big succes at the GlobalFest Night at Webster Hall in New York City. Later on, they released two singles for their fans, who can buy them at La-33's store: One is "La Reina del Swing" composed by Sergio Mejia and the second one is the classic salsa song "El Negro Bembon" re-arranged by La-33 - In the same year the band was also very busy with the soundtrack of the film "El Pescador" (2011), directed by Ecuadorian Sebastian Cordero, which was composed by Sergio Mejia/La-33. The film was presented at San Sebastian Film Festival 2011, Spain.

La-33 impresses by their superb musicianship, intricate arrangements mixing salsa dura (hard salsa), mambo and boogaloo, and their youthful vitality. The tropical sound of this ensemble has surprised many, coming as it does from the capital city of Bogota, which until some years ago was an absolute ‘no-no’ for salsa bands. Another great power of La-33 is their dynamic stage presence, which is confident and contemporary, with a showmanship that trascends the typical salsa stage show.

La-33 is named after the Bogota street where the band’s office is situated – Calle 33 - La-33 is fresh urban salsa for a new Colombian salsa experience!

Each musician of La-33 comes from a different musical background: rock, funk, ska, folk, classical music, fusion and jazz. Perhaps it’s this diversity that is one of the secrets of this ensemble’s success. They’re known as the rockers of salsa because they combine the true swing and sabor of the classic salsa orchestra with true rock’n’roll attitude.

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Saturday Jun 9, 5:30 PM on The Other Tent

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