Kathleen Edwards


Kathleen Edwards

I've written some songs.
I play them live.
I record them.
Some haven't been awesome.
Some I still really like.

If I weren't playing music, I would be not as happy, but I'd probably be a killer bartender/landscape designer/cat whisperer.

I play bejewelled too much, and it makes me angry because I should have spent that time reading a book. My favorite wine region this year is the Pacific Northwest, and I have retired my Gin fan club membership for Wisconsin and Minnesota-made Vodka. Grammar is important to me, but I am not always perfect.

I have a foul mouth. I am trying hard to be more polite, but when I'm nervous, I swear. I'd really like to open for Tom Petty one day, sing with K.D. Lang, take my parents on a vacation, do more charitable work, and play the guitar better. 

I'm trying to make my 4th record. 
I'm trying to make it fucking kill.

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Sunday Jun 10, 1:30 PM on The Other Tent
Sunday Jun 10, 3:45 PM on Sonic Stage

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