Railroad Earth


Railroad Earth

Over the past few years Railroad Earth has carved a path wide and deep throughout the American roots music scene. From their first gigs in May 2001, to their most recent shows for their legions of loyal fans, Railroad Earth has been an undeniable force whose superb songwriting, singing and performances from the stage have made them one of the most talked about bands to arrive in years.

It could be said that Railroad Earth hit the scene with their wheels already rolling. Just three weeks after jamming together for the first time, the six band members went into a local recording studio and laid down 5 live tracks with no overdubs except backing vocals. It was that remarkable demo that set everything in motion. Within a week they had a manager on board and, on the strength of their demo alone, they landed a slot on the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. That was their tenth gig!

They returned to the studio a month later to record another five songs and released those ten demo tracks as their debut album. The Black Bear Sessions came out in June 2001 to rave reviews nationally. Following their triumphant appearance at Telluride 2001, Sugar Hill Records approached the band on the spot to offer a record deal.


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