Neon Trees


Neon Trees

As the saying goes, opposites attract—which is a good thing when it produces results such as Neon Trees. The Provo, Utah, quartet are local heroes, and are gaining a following nationally with their major-label debut, Habits. Vocalist-keyboardist Tyler Glenn and guitarist Chris Allen were neighbors in California, and Glenn followed Allen when he moved to Provo for college. Bassist Branden Campbell and drummer-vocalist Elaine Bradley round out the band’s sound. Bradley notes, “We are all so fascinatingly different. Tyler’s the quirky serious type who is really a goofball. Branden’s the musical history encyclopedia. Chris is the manual labor. Being in this band is like an arranged marriage where divorce is not an option, and I’m OK with that.” The “married” foursome produce melodic pop-rock that’s full of hooks and history, but not a retro throwback. Nope, it’s urgently, awesomely original.


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