Lauren Shera


Lauren Shera

Acoustic / Folk / Indie

"Another young 'un with skills beyond her years....She's got an accessible breathless voice, her lyrics are poetic and free of pretense and she's a natural guitar player." -The Santa Cruz Sentinel

"Being a teen prodigy in the pop music world can be a curse. In some cases, though, it isn't all self-defeating hype, such as with 18-year-old folkie Lauren Shera, whose melodic ear is impeccable and demonstrates promising signs of a true talent." -Metro Santa Cruz

Lauren Shera has been listening to music and attending concerts since she was in the womb; hailing from a very musically-oriented family , Lauren grew up in New York listening to an eclectic range of artists, but was always drawn to folk music. Just before her ninth birthday, she and her family relocated to northern California, where she currently resides. Growing up in a close-knit community of homeschooling families that often had parties centered around a circle of musicians playing folk songs, Lauren decided to give the guitar a try and began taking lessons around the age of thirteen. Soon after, she took the plunge and dedicated herself to writing and performing, making her small-town debut at various coffee house open mikes and book store music nights . Since then Lauren has slowly but surely paved a path for herself in the world of contemporary folk music, and with the support of her friends and family, as well as some extremely supportive well known artists, Lauren has been singing her little heart out and touching people throughout the Bay Area for the last five years.



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