Gogol Bordello


Gogol Bordello

A word of advice for those attending Gogol Bordello’s festival performance: if you’re not ready to mosh, to hoist lead singer Eugene Hütz up on a drum head, or to chant along to songs from the band’s five full-length releases, you should probably stand far, far in the back. This gypsy-punk troupe guarantees a good time live. They perform with limitless energy, and an authentic sense of community not only within the band, but with their fans. The group features members from across the globe, and their songs whip in and out of English, Spanish, Rromanes and more, taking listeners on a raucous journey across the world in punk-rock time.

Despite starring in numerous films, including 2005’s Everything Is Illuminated with Elijah Wood and Madonna’s directorial debut, 2008’s Filth and Wisdom, Hütz has remained the loveable, dedicated and earnestly political front man, and has also maintained his trademark ‘stache after all of these years. Regardless of fame or fashion, Gogol Bordello are a band to see for their smart, bitingly satirical lyrics, their incredible music, and for their enduring mantra: Party!

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