The Dodos


The Dodos

The perfect road trip music has movement to it; it wanders, sprints, flies and simply spills over with revelry. The Dodos make music with all of these elements and more. Now a trio, the band features the wildly quick fingers and lyrical mastery of founder Meric Long, the driving drum rhythms of Logan Kroeber and the recent addition of Keaton Snyder, who adds vibraphone to the Dodos’ raucous acoustic rock. The group garnered buzz with their sophomore album, Visiter (so named because it was spelled that way on a drawing given to them after they played for kids in a special-ed class).

They upped the ante on 2009’s Time to Die, produced by Phil Ek, who has worked with Built to Spill, Fleet Foxes and the Shins. Long’s sweet, quavering, gentle voice shoots through a tangle of instruments, with the drums acting as the heartbeat of the beast. Whether you’re driving, walking or simply sitting back and taking in your surroundings, the Dodos provide an ideal soundtrack.


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