Supagroup is gearing up for the release their newest album, Hail! Hail! this August.  After supporting their previous record Fire For Hire with relentless touring throughout North America and Europe, the band took a much needed break to write and record Hail! Hail!  They again worked with long time collaborator and uber-producer Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden) to make their most bad ass rock and roll record yet.   "It's a far more personal record than Supagroup (2003), Rules (2005), or Fire for Hire (2008), and we made a real effort to keep it irony free", says singer Chris Lee.   "We pushed ourselves to try some different things, acoustic songs, straight up pop, but it's still Supagroup.   It's pure Rock and Roll" says Chris' brother and lead guitarist Benji Lee.  Chris adds, "This is the best music we've ever made and we can't wait to play the new songs live."    


Supagroup self released three albums, Planet Rock (1996), We Came To Rock You (1998) and the Jack Endino produced Rock and Roll Tried To Ruin My Life (2000) before signing with Foodchain Records in 2002. 


Rolling Stone had this to say about Supagroup (2003), their debut for Foodchain. "If you're going to call your band Supagroup and have songs called "Rock and Roll Star," you better rock righteously. New Orleans' Supagroup do so, with scrappy balls-out boogie and a hilarious self-invented mystique (the band's sibling guitarist-frontmen duo Benji and Chris Lee claims distant kinship to martial-arts legend Bruce Lee). The result: a shaking, stirring cocktail with a real rocket-queen kick."


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