Margaret Cho


Margaret Cho

Comedienne known for her feminist stance and activism for queer rights. Born and raised in San Francisco's free-spirited city center and exposed to the diverse culture and liberal attitude that prevailed in the '70s. Began nationwide touring at the age of 16 and before the completion of high school. Experimental approach to drugs and sex, and widely recognized as a "fag hag," which provided her initial core audience. After a precipitous rise to recognition in the '90s, a brief flirtation with Hollywood's two-faced television networks resulted in an early identity crisis and eventually led to her return to the roots of her public popularity in stand-up for progressive audiences. From 2000 onward, sales of live show recordings eventually proved her economic viability to mainstream business and coincided with rise of gay culture in popular media (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy etc.) Cho is currrently based in Los Angeles and has completed her first fictional film, a niche work. Cho is probably now considered the first lady of left wing comedy, dealing with the edgier issues of gender, race, drugs, wanton sexuality etc. In her own words: "I don't play violin... I didn't f**k Woody Allen." Listen at

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