Boy Crisis


Boy Crisis

Boy Crisis is an American Proto-Post Popular Music Band from the United States following the Rhythm & Blues Tradition of such classic acts as The Ronettes and New Edition. Combining the "shock and awe" brute force of late-stage capitalism arena rock and hair glam with the aesthetics of the manufactured Boy Band, this Brooklyn-based American five-some carry on the Great Western Tradition of cultural appropriation in an attempt to forge at least some semblance of interpersonally translatable empathy and compassion and at most, true love. Two useful terms a music journalist might feel compelled to use in describing them would be: "danceable" and "pop hooks." Boy Crisis is a "Brooklyn buzz band." They are well-liked in the blogosphere. They are hip and marketable to several youthy demographics. They have "crossover appeal." They have an "ethnic band member." Boy Crisis is a semi-cosmic cultural entity. Their spaced-out vibe is totally tubular. They are the conundrum of masculinity and youth. They are a limited liability corporation. Listen at

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