Blues Traveler


Blues Traveler

John Popper would be recognizable by his glossy tenor voice alone, but the harmonica virtuoso can always be picked out of a song when he puts that blues harp to his lips. The leader of jam-band Blues Traveler has performed with Chan Kinchla and Brendan Hill for more than two decades since they started out as a garage band in Princeton, N.J. Chan’s brother Tad Kinchla and Ben Wilson joined the fray back in 1999.

Blues Traveler released a self-titled debut in 1990, and the single “But Anyway” garnered airplay on college radio. The group’s big breakthrough came with the release of their fourth album, aptly titled Four, in 1994. That record’s single “Run-Around” was a huge hit and won a Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance, and follow-up “Hook” continued the band’s success.

Blues Traveler has since released six more albums, opened for the Rolling Stones, and continue to jam around the world.

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