Todd Snider


Todd Snider

From the moment Todd Snider delivered 1994’s Songs from the Daily Planet, he’s dazzled us with his witty socio-political commentaries and all around coolness. When he stands barefoot onstage with an acoustic guitar, elucidating in his slow, stoner-daze manner, it’s like listening to a laconic comedian (or, as he, too, was once known, “the next Bob Dylan”). But his unerring aim might just as easily pierce your heart as your funnybone; he’ll crack you up with a song like “Ballad of the Kingsmen” and follow it up with a total tearjerker about a pitiful lost soul — which just might be autobiographical. Snider spent his formative career years in Texas; he’s a member of San Marcos’ Cheatham Street Warehouse songwriting alum society, to which he paid homage on 2007’s Peace, Love and Anarchy. His new, Don Was-produced album, The Excitement Plan, contains an ode inspired by the no-hitter Pittsburgh Pirates player Doc Ellis pitched on LSD. Both speak volumes about this “Alright Guy.”

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