The Felice Brothers


The Felice Brothers

“You won’t find more American music than that of the Felice Brothers,” proclaims the New York Daily News. “With their wheezing accordions, broken-down pianos, flinty acoustic guitars and creaky vocals, the brothers capture the history — and mystery — of rural America.” And it’s utterly authentic, too; Felice brothers Simone, Ian and James (and longtime friends Christmas Clapton and Greg Farley) grew up in the wilds of New York’s Catskill Mountains. They wanted to see the rest of the world, though, so they moved to the big city and began playing their rootsy, haunted Americana on the streets and subways of NYC. Their days of busking were short-lived, as it wasn’t long before they were off and running on a professional recording career that has produced four critically acclaimed albums in as many years: 2006’s Through These Reins and Gone, 2007’s Tonight at the Arizona, 2008’s The Felice Brothers and this year’s Yonder is the Clock.

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