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Rogue Wave

>Rogue Wave’s lead singer Zach Schwartz (alias: Zach Rogue) and drummer Pat Spurgeon have overcome more than their fair share of physical struggles in 2007 Spurgeon had to undergo surgery to replace a failing kidney, and Rogue recently spent two months in bed recovering from slipped discs in his neck. Happily, all band members (including Dominic East, Cameron Jasper and Steve Taylor) are healthily rocking again, touring in support of their 2010 release Permalight. The album is the band’s fourth (their second on Jack Johnson’s label, Brushfire), and takes their brand of cerebral pop-rock in a new, electronically leaning direction.

Rogue Wave made a splash with the song “Lake Michigan,” on 2007’s Asleep at Heaven’s Gate, and “Eyes” was featured on the soundtrack to the 2005 film Just Friends. Other tunes showed up in TV shows including Weeds, Friday Night Light, Scrubs, The O.C. and Heroes.

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