Minus the Bear


Minus the Bear

"Is it possible to put this night to tune?” The question is posed in Minus the Bear’s song, “Pachuca Sunrise,” and, based on their mastery of poetic prog-rock, the answer is yes. The Seattle indie group’s expansive sound is encapsulated in unique time signatures, two-handed guitar tapping and playful lyrics from singer Jake Snider.

The math-rock quintet will be performing MTB staples along with songs from the May 2010 album OMNI, produced by Joe Chiccarelli (the Shins, My Morning Jacket). The OMNI songs further explore their unique style with Dave Knudson’s new experiments on baritone guitar and keyboardist Alex Rose’s vintage Omnichord synthesizer, on which he adds multiple layers and electronic tinges to drummer Erin Tate’s and bassist Cory Murchy’s pounding rhythms.

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