Grupo Fantasma


Grupo Fantasma

(US - Latin/Funk)

Grupo Fantasma is making a new name for the Latin music industry.  Noted as the “funkiest, finest and hardest working Latin orchestra to come of the United States in the last decade,” this 10-member collection is a spectacular display of high-voltage energy and determination. In 2007 the band performed with Prince and subsequently gained significant recognition for the highly praised show as well as securing a loyal fan in the pop superstar. Grupo Fantasma is unwavering in its goal to advance the Latin music sound.  Never failing to produce superb records and exciting live shows, this Austin, TX group truly lives up to their name.  So wear your brightly colored pants, stretch your legs, and prepare to get funky!

The progressive genius of Grupo Fantasma, now in the tenth year of its long and intriguing musical journey, comes to life on El Existential set for a May 11th, 2010 release on Nat Geo Music.  Known as the funkiest, finest, and hardest working Latin orchestra to come out of the United States in the last decade, the band has garnered critical acclaim worldwide for their adventurous albums, prudent songwriting and unprecedented live shows.  “Grupo Fantasma is as tight as one would expect from a band that routinely backs up Prince” exclaimed LA Weekly and the Washington Post affirmed that “the ten members represent a new generation of latin music.”  Their last effort, the Grammy nominated Sonidos Gold (2008), further trademarked the ensemble’s innovative sound and scored a cover feature in Pollstar Magazine, radio spots on NPR’s “Day to Day” and PRI’s “The World”, top ten status for several months on the CMJ radio charts and extensive press coverage throughout North America and Europe.  


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