The Little Ones


The Little Ones

The Little Ones are comprised of Ian Moreno, Edward Nolan Reyes, Brian Reyes, Lee Ladouceur, and Greg Meyer. Coming together in Los Angeles, United States in early 2006, the summery-sounding Little Ones wear their influences (the Beach Boys, the Zombies) on their sleeves while composing some of the brightest indie rock of the new millennium. They self-released their debut EP, Sing Song, that spring. Listen at
Our friend Moses tells us how it all began... In the land of White Noise, there lay a vast corporate landscape, which seasoned every major highway and small backcountry road for as far as the eye could see. The world itself tilted off its axis while all the powers that be played an eternal game of tug of war. The Little Ones felt so insignificant against the bigger picture. There were no new tales to tell and they felt stuck right where they started. Until one day there was a spark. They found it right outside their window. It was the branches that pointed them in the right direction. Although insignificant as it seemed, it reminded them what if felt like to forget. The Little Ones quickly realized that their only weapon against reality was their imagination. They embarked on a radical experiment: to see if they could convince themselves that everything was going to be all right. They spent majority of their nights holed up in their studio affectionately named Uncle Lee's. There were many songs written and many songs abandoned. At times, they felt their muse had left the building. Still afraid of the world outside, they adopted a just write and dont tell anyone policy that lasted for more than a year. As the experiment grew longer and longer, they grew weary that they could no longer follow the path they started down. One by one, each of the Little Ones wanted to stray. A new barometer needed to be set. They came up with Uncle Lee's Rule of Feet. The rule stated that a song was deemed appropriate if, and only if; each of the Little Ones feet could shuffle. Once they adopted this new rule they began to realize what they had right in front of them.

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