Nick Kroll


Nick Kroll

Oh hello, my name is Nick Kroll. I am an actor/comedian. I love what I do. I’m was on the show Cavemen on ABC, it was a pleasantly ridiculous experience and I’m hoping all 12 episodes will be available on DVD... one day. Ooga Booga. I can also be seen as a snarky jerkface on VH1’s Best Week Ever. There’s a wonderful web series I created with the Sklar Brothers on called ["(Layers)"] where I play an agent who represents other agents and the Sklars are my twin publicists. I’ve done did a bunch of stuff for Comedy Central. You can see a bunch of these goodies on my Comedy Central Page ALSO!!!! I’m one of the co-creators of the book Bar Mitzvah Disco, I think its a pretty cool book.

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