Langhorne Slim


Langhorne Slim

Singer-songwriter Sean Scolnick adopted the first half of his stage name, Langhorne Slim, in honor of his Pennsylvania hometown. The “Slim,” of course, is a tip of the old porkpie hat to the blues singers and song and dance men of another era — a time that this modern-day troubadour would have fit in just fine. His engaging mix of old-timey folk and country blues comes across splendidly on record (as heard on 2005’s When the Sun’s Gone Down and 2008’s Langhorne Slim), but this aptly nicknamed “bastard son of Hasil Adkins” is really in his element onstage. Whether performing solo or with his raggedy band of co-conspirators, the War Eagles (drummer Malachi DeLorenzo and bassist Paul DeFiglia), Langhorne Slim comes across as a born entertainer who probably could have sold a hell of a lot of snake oil back in the days of traveling minstrel shows. These days, he’s just selling honest grit and soul.

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