Annuals are an indie rock band formed in 2003 in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. The band consists of Adam Baker (vocals, synthesizer), Kenny Florence (guitar), Anna Spence (keyboards), Mike Robinson (bass), Zack Oden (guitar) and Nick Radford (drums) Nineteen year-old Adam Baker, a kid from Raleigh, NC with a faultless ear and a potent desire to create unheard-of sounds, is the architect of Annuals. Under Adam’s stewardship, Annuals transform pop paradigms into sweeping, luxuriant sonic landscapes while remaining faithful to a wholehearted emotional core. Carefully layering each song with a thousand noises and feelings, Annuals camouflage the deep simplicity of what they do, belying their youth with deftness & complexity. Music fans seem to be looking for an answer to the questions of memory, surroundings, and love recently posed by musicians like Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens. Annuals have created a dense thicket of music that naturally replies, in a new and young voice, to these queries. All we have to do is listen. Listen at

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