Damien Rice


Damien Rice

On November the 6th Damien Rice releases his second album ‘9’. Composed throughout the four years since its acclaimed predecessor ‘O,’ work on ‘9’ was completed in an intense period of activity over the last six months. “I started with the notion that this album was going to be a 'heavier' record than the last. [This album] is mostly accidents, that’s the way it feels. But beyond any preconceived notions this has ended up being, from my point of view, a collection of songs I feel I can listen to. I've no desire to make any statements. I've no desire to try to be something other than what I am, or to try to make the music something other than what it is. And I've no desire to break through styles or modes or anything. I think I needed to get this collection of songs out of my system and I am quietly aware that they're fairly similar to what we've done before, but then, so what? I really like them.”

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