Donna the Buffalo


Donna the Buffalo

(New York - Folk Rock)

Donna the Buffalo is twenty years young this year and as energized as ever. Their 7th record, SILVERLINED, was released on Tuesday, July 8, 2008 on Sugar Hill Records, builds on Donna the Buffalo's signature sound -- a bedrock of traditional mountain music infused with elements of Cajun, rock, folk, reggae and country. The dawn of Donna the Buffalo began in upstate New York in the 80's when Nevins and Puryear were both fervently playing and absorbing old-time Appalachian music but in separate string bands. So when Nevins' group came to town, his band naturally went to see them. After the show, Puryear's group introduced themselves and after talking music for a while, they all went out to a bar--instruments in tow--and played music together--jamming into the wee hours.

From that point on, thousands of gigs later, audiences are still "getting it." That early interchange of energy and emotion between the band and the audience still comes alive at DTB concerts and makes being at one an unforgettable experience. Donna the Buffalo embodies both the hope-filled spirit of the 60's and 70's and the cautionary tale aspect of those turbulent years. Reminiscent at times of Bob Dylan (Puryear) or Carol King (Nevins), their lyrics embrace ideals of tolerance, peace, love, and justice. With a twenty year tenure to celebrate, a year with one hundred gigs ahead of them, a rockin' new record, and an ever-evolving grass-roots sound backed with style and substance--it looks Donna the Buffalo is riding a cloud that is truly--SILVERLINED.

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