About The Saint Johns

So rarely does a moniker truly pay homage to the soul of a band, but in the case of The Saint Johns - the name stands for just about everything.

Florida natives Louis Johnson and Jordan Meredith - whose project bears the name of the river that winds through their home state - are on a long, winding journey of their own. A few years back at a friend's gathering, Louis picked up a guitar in a brazen attempt to impress a girl he had just met. That girl - Jordan – fired back with an original song of her own. The guitar was passed back and forth, and what started as competition turned into companionship, a duel became a duo. They began writing songs together, pushed off the banks of that river, and haven't looked back.

Like the Saint Johns River, Louis and Jordan’s melodies flow with a quiet peace and gentleness. Their harmonies seem easy, natural, like something ancient made them that way. But just as the calm meandering of the river belies its churning currents below, the duo’s lilting melodies often contradict the heaving conflict flowing beneath each song. Though Louis and Jordan write graceful, earnest pop melodies, their songs are kept afloat by the tension beneath—songs about love and love lost, longing and regret. The pair’s harmonies, lyrical themes, and writing styles all seem to have submitted to the flow of a grand river. “I feel like I’m better with him because we work differently,” says Jordan. “Louis loves arranging and finding cool ways to make a song unexpectedly exciting, and I love lyrics.” 

“Yeah, we lucked out,” says Louis. “I’m more certain that I’m going to write a really good song with Jordan than I am with anyone else.” 

Louis and Jordan's own current brought them to Nashville, which they now call home. After planting their roots in the Music City, the duo began eagerly and diligently writing new material. In addition to releasing their debut EP “Open Water”, The Saint Johns spent the better part of the past year on the road – sharing the stage with acts like Delta Rae, The Lone Bellow and Drew Holcomb. The band capped off 2013 with an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman.

The Saint Johns’ are currently writing and recording their debut full length.

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