About Funkiest Dancer

The jig is up. We know you who you are. Behind that humble facade lies a spirit so full of pure funk that every shake of the hips, every rattle of the waist, every roll and undulation reverberates across the universe, and it brings this little blue dot a little closer to perfection. So, why hold out? Why deny humanity that gift?

Bonnaroo’s Funkiest Dancer is a dance competition for Bonnaroovian’s the world over. We’re not looking for a “cool” dancer. We’re not looking for a “hip” dancer. We seek the raw, uninhibited, homegrown funkiest dancer that ever was.

Select a track from the Official Funky Playlist. Build a 60 second routine. Make it Funky. Go to funkiestdancer.com to film it and submit it in the funkiest way possible. Show the world just how funky you are. You have until April 1st to enter.

The council of funk will be watching and they will choose a few select funky dancers to go head to head in the arena of funk. Top 10 will be announced on April 15th, voting begins and lasts until May 1st. Popular vote will decide the winner.

The prize? Eternal glory. Our funkiest dancer will be crowned with the Dance Belt of Golden Glory (Trademark Pending). And The Funkiest Dancer will get to perform live on the main stage at Bonnaroo. It will be a performance that will echo through the annals of history.

We’ve been looking for you, you funky, funky dancer. Show yourself.

Enter at funkiestdancer.com. Watch and vote on the Bonnaroo App with XBOX.

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