About Bully

Bully is a Nashville quartet fronted by Alicia Bognanno on guitar. Twenty four year old Alicia is a self taught guitar player who writes all of the music for Bully. Not only is she the principal singer and songwriter in the band, but Alicia also holds a degree in audio engineering and recorded the Bully EP herself at Battle Tapes studio in Nashville. Alicia has spent time interning at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio in Chicago and also runs sound at the Stone Fox venue in Nashville.

“Stone Fox sound gal Alicia Bognanno and her power trio Bully prove that the dream of the ’90s is still alive with this riff-riddled, angular slab of poppy indie rock that recalls Veruca Salt and early Liz Phair. ‘Brainfreeze’ is the punk girl you had a crush on in high school — your heart skips a beat when she tells you to get the hell out of her way.” – Nashville Cream

“2013 has been an outstanding year for gritty garage pop with sweet vocal melodies, the kind that don’t tarnish even when they sound like they were recorded in an exhaust pipe (as most of the best Bandcamp finds inevitably do). But that’s what sets the debut EP by Nashville’s Bully apart; singer Alicia Bognanno interned at Steve Albini’s Electric Audio studios and works sound at The Stone Fox, and put her expertise to good use by recording her band’s buoyant four-track herself – it’s dirty but vital, like a freshly skinned knee. Bully are so new that they weren’t around when Leonie Cooper profiled DIY Nashville for NME recently – though their sound actually has more in common with my other favourite US scene, Massachusetts, recalling the sweetly sardonic verve of Boston old-timers Blake Babies (of which Julianna Hatfield and Evan Dando were both members). Bognanno’s lyrics are also excellent, sneaking dismal domesticity behind a sugary façade: “Your lies are thicker than my milkshake/But they both make my stomach ache/And they’re both slowly weighing me down,” she sings on ‘Brainfreeze’. – NME 
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